The Hungry Boards Difference

What makes Hungry Board Different? We go the extra mile and are passionate about our work and the sport of paddle boarding. We strive to create boards that will keep people hungry wanting more. We love the sport and want others to experience the joy we have found in paddle boarding.


Why The Name?

WHY did we name our company Hungry Boards? The inspiration was the extreme determination to compete in the faces of athletes as they hungered to win. Being fierce competitors themselves, one of the Hungry Board founders was told when he was a young competitor that the hunger to win was also on his face just like his heroes. Enter the next level of that appetite to win and fearless perseverance.

Why Crave Hungry Boards?

Strip off the logos and fancy accessories and throw a board in the water. Take a look at it. Stand on it. Does it speak to you? We want our boards to speak to you. We strive to create stronger, higher quality boards at a better value. You will know a hungry board when you see it but you will crave one once you stand on it.

Our Goal:

Is to simply create boards that will deliver an experience where our customers will always crave more!